Female Hair Removal – what is the Best Option?

As more and more of us are becoming extremely concerned about our looks every day, we are always searching for the best female hair removal method – it needs to be something that removes the hair well of course, causes the absolute minimum amount of pain, lasts for a fairly long time, and is quite convenient.

Throughout this article we have decided to find out what the best female hair removal method is, by comparing the six most popular methods. You’ll find that some methods are best for certain areas of the body.



shavingShaving doesn’t usually last as long as other hair removal methods such as waxing or tweezing, but it can be quite a convenient option. It doesn’t take very long and the supplies you need can be picked up cheaply in just about any large store you go into.

As long as you follow proper shaving guidelines (i.e. replace your blade often, use shaving cream/foam, shave in the direction that the hair grows) you’ll have no problem getting a good result and shouldn’t be too worried about cutting yourself.You can find best lady shavers on this site .



Well-groomed female legs after depilation isolated on white backWaxing is a tried and tested method of hair removal, mainly for females, even though men also use this procedure quite a lot. The procedure involves a cosmetologist spreading wax on the hair on your skin, cloth strips are then applied and ripped off as soon as the wax dries. In some instances, different types of wax are used and cloth strips aren’t always a necessity.

Waxing can be quite painful, but the results will generally last for around 3-6 weeks, in addition to this, you really will come out of the clinic with the smoothest skin you could ever imagine! There won’t be a single hair left.Check out some waxing products here.



tweezingTweezing is a great option for small areas of the body or face, such as the eyebrows. However, for many other areas of the body is takes a long time and is unnecessarily painful – there are much better options to consider.

If you are using tweezers for a small area of your body/face then you’ll pull the hair from its root, meaning that you’ll get a very smooth result, with virtually no hair being left behind.

The result will generally last for between 3-8 weeks and even though this might seem quite good, it does take a while to tweeze your hair as you need to individually remove each hair.You can check best epilator reviews through here .



laser hair removalLaser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the perhaps the best method of removing hair if you are looking for permanent results and can afford the treatment. In most cases, you’ll start to see results after around 6-12 treatments and a touch-up might be needed every 6 months or so – but it’s safe to say that this procedure is as permanent as it gets when it comes to hair removal.

One of the things that holds many people back from this treatment is the fact that it can be quite expensive. It also works best with dark hair on light skin, so if you have white hair or even blonde hair, the procedure might not work very well for you.

There is also the possibility of burning or scarring, so to be as safe as possible, always make sure that the go to a clinic with a good reputation and there is always a doctor nearby to oversee you.

Learn more about laser hair removal.


Hair Removal Creams

hair removal creamThese types of creams can be quite problematic if they are not used properly, sometimes they are also not very effective compared to other hair removal methods such as shaving or waxing. The main benefit of hair removal creams is that they are relatively easy to use, you just need to follow the instructions on the label.

It’s also a good idea to test the hair removal cream on a small area of your skin to test your tolerance to it, some people who have sensitive skin could experience adverse reactions. The cream works by dissolving the proteins that make up the hairs on your skin, so you should also keep in mind the length of time that you leave the cream on your skin as leaving it on too long could also cause an adverse reaction.

To learn how to use hair removal creams check out this wikihow article .

Bikini Trimmers

bikini trimmersBikini trimmers are excellent devices to use for female hair removal, they are quick, easy, convenient, and most importantly pain free, they also do quite a good job at removing the hair. Although you’ll never get the same amount of hair removed with a bikini trimmer as you would with waxing, the bikini trimmer will still do a very good job.

It’s especially good if you just want to trim your hair down to an acceptable level, but don’t want to worry about doing anything intense and painful such as waxing or laser treatment. Because of the size and compactness of the trimmer, this also makes it good for travelling.

Bikini trimmers range in pricing and features, you can literally pick up the most basic bikini trimmers for next to nothing! Even the most advanced trimmers don’t really cost that much compared to what you’re getting.Find top bikini trimmer and their reviews on pickmyepilator.com



Now that we have gone through the whole six most popular female hair removal methods, we can come to a conclusion. It’s difficult to say which one is best overall, as each of them are good in their own way – bikini trimmers are good to maintain, tweezing is good for small areas of the body, laser is best for permanent hair removal etc.

However, it’s safe to say that bikini trimmers are still the most convenient and all-round safe option if you are thinking about hair removal. They are relatively pain free and can be used by just about anybody without too much preparation.

TITLE Gel-X Training Gloves

TITLE Gel-X Training GlovesWe have already talked about how great TITLE gloves are in general, but we did focus specially on competitive gloves, though the brand has many other aces in the hole when it comes to training gear, like their Gel-X line of training gloves.

This red and black pair of Gel-X is one of the most famous and one of the best boxing gloves  for training on speed bags, though one of the greatest things about these gloves is the fact it won’t trick your notion of weight on your hands and you will be able to develop your skills in full considering the very important factor of weight on gloves, something that naturally slow you down and you have to get used to overcome and gain resistance.

The Gel-X pair is the best boxing gloves for people who are really beginning to train or are coming back from a long hiatus and have to get used again to position hands while striking. These are specially used for the speed bag training so you will notice they do not have too much protection, because you actually don’t need it that much at this point of your training.

Smart Padding

If you are starting to train on speed bags, you have already heard from veterans you should avoid the Mexican kind of lite gloves for speed bag. They are basically just a wrist protection and regular fabric covering your hands, the problem about this kind of gloves is the fact they won’t be reducing the backlash impact of the bag – which will reduce the actual time of your training as your hands’ skin start to get bothered – and they won’t as well give you the real notion of weight you need to develop your speed.

The Gel-X gloves have open fingers and a smart system of padding that compensates the weight you do not have in those opened areas as well the padding is soft enough protect your knuckles in the right way. The weight is balanced with the padding of the wrists, providing stability, otherwise your knuckles would tend to weight down more than your hands overall.

The wrist system however is the most important thing on this kind of gloves and the Gel-X is not either lacking there. The padding here is quite robust, ideal for people who are still learning to adapt their hands to strikes.

Smart Materials

You won’t need resilient leather gloves at this point, but a quite comfortable and refreshing pair. The Gel-X gloves are the best boxing gloves for training when it comes to time training. The speed bag training requires fast movements and this will surely make you sweat soon or later, though this training is supposed to endure for several minutes.

This TITLE pair is made with the best design for your skin to breath made of several layers that allow your hands to get some fresh air while you move it up and down against the bag.

In the palm of the hand there is also a special orifice so you can position your thumb and get used to perform this hand positioning for training and later on competition.

Smart Attachment

Do you feel your hands can get wrapped more tight? The Gel-X also have an adjustment system that allows you to pull it tighter on your hands. On the face of your hand there is a velcro system you can fasten up and make the gloves more adherent. This is important to keep the gloves steady and avoid the speed bag to start move away the protection padding in the knuckles.
And of course, this is also great for mass gaining. While you might get more bulky while you train, you won’t need to buy a new pair. Changes in our hands are subtle when we gain muscular mass but they are there and might make your gloves a bother if they end up too tight. Since you on a training phase, better invest on a pair that will endure your transformations and save some money for your competitive gloves.

Transition from old to New

Today I’m going to give some details on a fantastic home improvment ideas that you’re going to want to start on right away. This home improvement idea may not be available for everyone but for those who it is available for is going to love this.
Out with the old and in with the new
What is the most visual ugly (today) but widely accepted home decor of the past? Its wallpaper of course and not just any wallpaper, I’m talking about the bright colored flower style wallpaper. I’m not sure what people were thinking back in the 60s but some marketing genius convinced millions of people that bright flowery patterns looked amazing on walls.
Personally I’ve seen some bright pink kitchens that make Martha Stewart designs look tame. However, there is some really good news in this past tragedy.
If you can find a home with this “interesting” feature you might just have a huge opportunity on your hands. People have a very hard time seeing past ugly. They see the ugly, old wallpaper and decide that the house is not something they want, even if the house has great bones.
So you can normally get a house such as this for a discount.
This is great news because removing old wallpaper doesn’t have to be difficult. You can do it in just a few hours with the right tools and wallpaper knowledge at your disposal.
The One Tool You Need
The only tool that I have found that works wonders on old wallpaper is called a wallpaper steamer. This gadget is easy to use and will save you tons of time and frustration. Don’t skip this step, go buy yourself a steamer and thank me later. If you feel like you’ll only use this tool once, then you can always eBay it once you’re done and get the majority of your money back.
The way the steamer works is it turns water into steam and then channels that hot steam through a hose to an application head. You run this head over the wallpaper and it heats up the old glue.
Old glue is stronger than you would think especially when it’s just holding paper. If you attempt to remove old wallpaper without a steamer the paper will come off in tiny little pieces. You will end up having to pick the wallpaper off the wall piece by piece and it will literally take days (maybe weeks) to pick the wallpaper off your walls.
Instead a steamer will loosen up the old glues bonds and allow you to pull large chunks of old wallpaper off the wall. Where picking would take you days, removing chucks will typically only take hours.
One Last Step
The final step once all the old wallpaper is removed is to choose some nice new paint colors and paint away. Most people know how to paint without too much fuss so I’ll leave those detail to another post but I know that once you done, you’ll be amazed at the transformation.